Compost Machine

Compost Machine, designed and developed by Gecko Environmental, is a fully automatic compost machine that addresses a variety of waste management needs covering all areas including residential, commercial, and industrial. This machine is easy to install, operate and maintain. It has been designed to provide solutions for producers of organic waste such as hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc., who require a dependable organic waste disposal system.

In addition, it converts your organic waste into compost using heat, with the help of a bacterial culture. It also makes small to large volumes of compost in a few days.

We offer a wide range of compost machines to accommodate your composting needs for your business.

Here Are The Compost Machine That We Suggest For You:



  • Per day waste processing capacity: 28 Liters (7.40 gallons)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 75 x 50 x50 cm
  • (29.52 x 19.68 x 19.68 inches)
  • Power rating: 15 kWh/Day


  • Per day waste processing capacity: 85 Liters (22.45 gallons)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 50 x 130 x 110 cm
  • (19.68 x 51.18 x 43.30 inches)
  • Power rating: 25 kWh/Day


  • Per day waste processing capacity: 500 Liters (132.09 gallons)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 140 x 180 x 100 cm
  • (55.11 x 70.87 x 39.37 inches)
  • Power rating: 50 kWh/Day


  • Per day waste processing capacity:
  • 850 Liters (224.55 gallons)
  • Approx. Dimensions:
  • 160 x 180 x100 cm
  • (62.99 x 70.87 x 39.37 inches)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our machine is a Rapid 24 hrs Aerobic Hyper Thermophilic Microbial fermentation system, which is able to convert organic waste to pure compost in 24 hrs. It is different than conventional composting, as the traditional system will take 40-120 days to complete the cycle.

The process that we are adopting is a full, Bio-Remediation system. This format uses Hyper Thermophilic Microbes, which are able to decompose all organic materials, into compost, under extreme temperatures, within 24 hrs.

  • We process all organic materials including:
    Kitchen waste
    Wet market waste
    Meat & fish waste
    Garden or wood based materials
    Paper waste
    Animal manure
    Waste water sludge

During our process, our machine operates at a very extreme temperature, of above 75 °c, for more than 2 hrs, as a sterilizing process to eliminate pathogens, such as E Coli.

You can directly apply it to the plants, once the compost has cooled down, after the fermentation [2-3 days after the process].

It depends on the market demand. Some companies are selling their compost at 40% moisture, but our product is
selling below 15% moisture. (We name our product as Compost Fertilizer, because our product has better NPK and no
soil added).

Fermentation and composting methods are an environmental technology, linked with the surrounding environment.
Our machines can be programmed, for a variety of conditions, to obtain the best quality fermentation/products.

No need to waste energy. It is not necessary to extend the fermentation process, in the machine.

All organic waste can be produced to fertilizer and this machine can also be used to produce animal feed mill [running
the process without microbes]. It all depends on what items you input.

Unloading, is in front of the machine, it is the open door type. Just put a dump pan below the door. For loading, it can
be easily done with a shovel, in the top open door, or we can use a conveyor (optional).

Basically, two men can run most of our machines/systems.

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