About Us


B-Green Technologies LLC was formed with thought in mind of helping people how to be more conscious in reducing waste by using sensible products and practices that will have better impact to the health of the environment.

We aim to drive awareness in bringing alternative ways to ease environmental stress by tapping into advances of research and techhnologies.

Helping Build Green Communities
For Next Generations

Eco-Friendly Solutions for a More Sustainable Living

Meet Our Team

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Jeff Brown
Company Executive Officer
woman-g5aab8035c_1920 1
Anne Philips
Inbound Strategist
young-geaf603207_1920 1
Anne Philips
Sales Development

Environmental Benefits​

Healthier and safe environment for animals to live in​

Reduce greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming

Prevent deforestation by conserving landfill spaces

Produce healthier soul for landscaping, gardening, or farming

Improved crop yield

Now instead of letting our overwhelming feelings control us,
we did our part in protecting our home

Are you one with us in building
sustainable communities?

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